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Attention: As of 28 November 2016, Vaporized (all locations) and its branded products are registered with the FDA and in compliance with current regulations.

Vaporized is not going out of business and we will still be able to produce our registered products that customers know and love.

Thank you all for your support over the past 3 years! Best Wishes and Happy 2017 to all!

Paradigm Liquids!

We have picked up Paradigm's amazing Premium blended liquids! Check out the new categories added to our web shop.

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The Child Nicotine Poisoning Prevention Act of 2015

We are proud that we implemented this standard long before the Bill was signed into law. Shouldn't take one to do the Right Thing, but we take our responsibility seriously. That's our commitment to you.On Thursday, January 28, 2016, President Obama signed The Child Nicotine Poisoning Prevention Act of 2015 into law. This act requires [...]

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Vaporized and CBD

I had a couple visit the shop last night asking for information about CBD. We have also received phone calls asking for / about it too.We do not sell it. Our reason why: it's not in line with our goals of tobacco reduction (and people think its something that it isn't, aka 'weed oil') and [...]

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FAQs about Vaping

What is vaping?Vaping means the use of a vaping device (aka e-cigarette/personal vaporizer/mod/APV)! There are numerous such devices available, from the cigalikes to the current generation of APVs, and vaping is the term that unites them all.How do vaping devices work?All vaping products operate using the same principals. A battery powers a coil which heats [...]

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Vaping Terminology

Vaping Terminology (Glossary)Adapter – Dual threaded device used to allow a specific style or atomizer, cartomizer, or clearomizer onto a different style battery. This allows vapers to have the vapor production of one style of atomizer, while using the battery life of another style battery. (example: connecting a 901 atomizer threading onto a 510 battery)Airflow [...]

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Is Vaping Safe?

As the science currently reports, it is better for you than cigarettes.  I would like to present to everyone the scientific results behind studies. This study (of many) can be found at BioMedCentral."Abstract Background: Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) are generally recognized as a safer alternative to combusted tobacco products, but there are conflicting claims about the degree to [...]

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How to fix flooding tanks

Is your tank leaking liquid or flooding? This is a common problem with tanks no matter where you buy them or who manufactures them. However, recent improvements in vaping technology are making this a less common occurrence. The problem of leaking, flooding, and gurgling e-juice in clearomizer tanks typically doesn't have anything to do with the quality [...]

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Why buy from Vaporized

Vaporized has the Fastest Shipping PolicyWe carry the Largest Variety of Delicious FlavorsVaporized has the Thickest Vapor in the IndustryWe Strive to give you the Best Customer Service you deserveThere is always more money left in your pocket when you purchase from VaporizedWe carry Top Shelf Products at the Best Prices availableLoyalty program that gives [...]

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