Evidence on E-Cig Safety

4th Jun 2019

About 5 minutes of your time.Is the tide changing? Only if we help move the ball down the field by informing others and being informed ourselves. Understand that there is a tremendous economic be … read more

Vapers Cafe!

17th Jan 2018

We are the first to carry Paradigm's Vapes Cafe! What an amazing line with 3 delicious flavors! Check it out:Route 66 - Caramel coffee cheesecakeGoodfella - Praline pecan ice creamPoodleskirt - Strawb … read more

Blow Out cloud comp tonight!

30th Dec 2017

It's been a while!Tonight we will be kicking off the New Year with a $1,000 cloud comp and a trick comp for a Mad Modder mod. Event is sponsored by Gordon Tinsley and Earth's Bounty. After the co … read more

Vaporized FEI

1st Jan 2017

Attention: As of 28 November 2016, Vaporized (all locations) and its branded products are registered with the FDA and in compliance with current regulations.Vaporized is not going out of business an … read more

Paradigm Liquids!

11th Sep 2016

We have picked up Paradigm's amazing Premium blended liquids! Check out the new categories added to our web shop. … read more