Vaporized FEI

1st Jan 2017

Attention: As of 28 November 2016, Vaporized (all locations) and its branded products are registered with the FDA and in compliance with current regulations.Vaporized is not going out of business an … read more

Paradigm Liquids!

11th Sep 2016

We have picked up Paradigm's amazing Premium blended liquids! Check out the new categories added to our web shop. … read more

The Child Nicotine Poisoning Prevention Act of 2015

10th Feb 2016

We are proud that we implemented this standard long before the Bill was signed into law. Shouldn't take one to do the Right Thing, but we take our responsibility seriously. That's our commitment to yo … read more

Vaporized and CBD

28th Jan 2016

I had a couple visit the shop last night asking for information about CBD. We have also received phone calls asking for / about it too.We do not sell it. Our reason why: it's not in line with our goal … read more

FAQs about Vaping

20th Aug 2015

What is vaping?Vaping means the use of a vaping device (aka e-cigarette/personal vaporizer/mod/APV)! There are numerous such devices available, from the cigalikes to the current generation of APVs, an … read more